About Astronautink

Comic art (also known as graphic novel, manga, and sequential art) is one of the most effective means of storytelling communication ever established. The combination of images with text is ideal for conveying ideas, either for educational, sales or entertainment purposes.

Astronautink specializes in this form of visual storytelling. We are a full-service studio that seeks to meet your intellectual property requirements in all phases of production, from inception to publication. We can help you conceptualize the “Universe” in which your story is told; your main character(s), supporting cast members and environment. We can conceive and write storylines that define your character, or illustrate the story you provide. We can prepare your final product for paper or electronic publication.

Astronautink also provides original properties for licensing purposes.

Astronautink has contributed to projects which have generated gross revenue exceeding $30 million.

Client List

Acclaim Entertainment
Cartoon Network
Curious Pictures
DC Comics
Details Magazine
Discovery Channel/Animal Planet
IDW Publishing
Image Comics
Marvel Comics
Men’s Health Magazine
MTV Animation
MTV Commercials/Nissan
New York Times
Penguin/Gotham Books
Pennsylvania Public Library
Saatchi and Saatchi (Pepperidge Farm, Taco Bell)
Sound and Vision
Warner Brothers Animation